Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Notifications, are you getting Notified?

Notifications center is one of the biggest changes that iOS5 brings to the table. Simply place your finger at the top of your screen and pull down to reveal your notification center. Here is where you can get a quick at a glance view of your recent voicemails, emails, texts, reminders, calendar, weather and stock quotes (by default). Pretty cool right?, but what if you want to see more. Let’s add breaking news stories, facebook notifications and more!

To customize the notification center go into Settings / Notifications. In here is where you can sort how your notifications are displayed as well asl set what apps are included to be displayed. Your apps are listed in two sections: “In Notificaton Center” and “Not in Notification Center.” Simply press your finger on an app and drag it into either section.

Now that we have selected what we want to see in our notification center, we can now decide how we want to see it. When you click on an app listed in the “In Notification Center” section, you now have the choice to display the notifications either in Banner view or Alert view. Banner view is less obtrusive and will not interrupt what you were doing , but rather simply display a little banner for a few seconds at the top of the screen. Alert view is the default view from previous iphone versions. Alert view is good for Texts, and Missed Calls, otherwise I would personally recommend setting everything else to banner view. In this section you can also choose to play a sound for a particular notification and also display the notification in the lock screen (which I recommend setting to ON)

So there you have it, you are now in the know, with all your alerts, reminders, breaking news and most importantly Facebook comments all in one quickly viewable location.

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